Nadia Joubert, founder of Sprankel Gift Boxes
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August 16, 2021
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August 20, 2021

Nadia Joubert, founder of Sprankel Gift Boxes

NADIA JOUBERT, founder of Sprankel Gift Boxes

At Sprankel Gift Boxes, we start with ideas, develop them into dreams and inject some sparkle into the lives of those you love! We strive to take the hassle out of sourcing only the best quality personalised gifts for ladies, men, and babies. A thoughtful gift is a great way to support, surprise, celebrate or just to say that you’re thinking of them. As a wife and mother of two, I truly believe that we can all play a part in the happiness of those around us.


The idea for Sprankel Gift Boxes was born during the lockdown of 2020. I had to go for an operation, and as my husband was out of town for a couple of months, I had to depend on the help of friends for looking after my two young children. I wanted to show my appreciation by having that ‘perfect gift’ delivered to them, but after hours of unsuccessful searching on the internet, I realised the opportunity for an online shop offering curated gifts.

I desired to bring a smile to someone’s face when receiving an unexpected and special gift. Or to save someone’s time when finding a gift. I also recognised the need and convenience of being able to send a gift to loved ones far away, when you can’t be there yourself.

This realisation set me on the path of expressing my passion for all things beautiful, handmade, decorative, useful, stitched, or hand-woven from like-minded small businesses and putting them together as one bespoke gift.

Starting this business has not been without challenges – websites, social media and putting myself “out there” are just some of the things I have had to get used to. Time is always a problem and sometimes I still feel overwhelmed, but I am so thankful to live my creativity and for all the skills I am continually learning. I have also realised that you need a good and a strong team around you.


With September around the corner, I am doing a fresh new look for my products, and I have learnt that clients are drawn to a specific gift box. I am excited and feel proud of how Sprankel Gift Boxes is growing day by day.


Nadia Joubert