Kate Campbell, founder of Protea Communications
NADIA JOUBERT, founder of Sprankel Gift Boxes
Nadia Joubert, founder of Sprankel Gift Boxes
August 18, 2021
Kerry Stewart
Kerry Stewart, founder of YOUnique Life
August 23, 2021

Kate Campbell, founder of Protea Communications

There is so much to say about women in every facet of life, work, culture and more. Women are designed with so much dynamite in all different shaped and sized packages. It’s no wonder ‘Women’s Day’ has become ‘Women’s Month’ to so many of us, there’s too much to champion and celebrate.

I write to you as a millennial, young woman who never thought she would run a business of any sort. In fact my career journey has been unique and explorative to say the least. There are many details I’ll skip, just to keep you from losing interest, but just know that the lessons I have learned and could share are endless.

When we are little, the question most of us get asked all throughout our school years is, “what will you do when you grow up?” This question can frame a lot of our value and idea of purpose, and even specifically as a woman.

It was only when I started to freelance and work with my phenomenal mentor, Kerry Stewart that I discovered that there’s more to people than the box they might choose to be defined in. Her courage to pursue the unknown, as a pioneer and entrepreneur inspired me so much, and I recognised that this was a new path I would walk on.

A path that is not defined by a job title, salary amount or following the status quo. One that is forged and defined by gut feel, stepping in with boldness, learning lessons and growing daily.

This became one of the facets of my unique purpose. You see, I discovered that it has never been about where people slot into a company, or how we can become the most successful person in our field. I discovered that I am unique and carry value, and the purpose that I walk in is determined by the gold that is already knitted inside of me.

This is where Protea Communications was born, my freelancing had turned into something that had a name, something that would never be built around me, but something that could offer creative value, strategy and marketing expertise into a world of entrepreneurial dreams in the making.

Today, we have our first employee, and the opportunities for expansion are just around the corner. I am so thankful for this journey, and so thankful for the opportunities and people I have met along the way.

I believe this is what women were made for – to thrive, grow and expand.

Kate Campbell

Protea Communications