Kerry Stewart, founder of YOUnique Life
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August 20, 2021
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August 25, 2021

Kerry Stewart, founder of YOUnique Life

Kerry Stewart

Vitality, fullness of life, food, and fun – we are all made to live life to the fullest!

Each of us is crafted with a unique purpose and a profound destiny. We have something unique locked inside of us that the world needs. We have something to give, impart and shine, however, the food choices we make, how we feel about ourselves, the bumps and bruises, and the busyness of life can distract us from our purpose and from feeling confident.

After working with people for more than 15 years in counselling, teaching and motivation there is one thing that I know for sure – every single person I have met, no matter the stage of life or how they feel, has a uniqueness in them that is totally their own.

I realised this through a unique journey of my own and it wasn’t all fun and roses along the way.

After a chronic burnout in my early 30s, I started to recognise a few patterns in my life that needed to change. I would run to the crash, fad diets to lose weight, and then I would give up after the green juices didn’t have the effect I was hoping for and after running around trying to “fix” myself in every way.

The emotions I encountered on a daily basis were shame, unworthiness, self-hate, self-criticism, rejection, guilt and failure just to mention a few. These are the emotions that would keep me held in this cycle, and these were the very things that were holding me back from my destiny, purpose and from understanding the great value of my uniqueness.

We each carry unique gifts, talents, and ways of viewing the world. When we explore this uniqueness, it opens us up to discover our purpose. In a world where many of us struggle with what we are put on the earth for, this simple step of discovery can lead to clarity, vision and living life fully alive.  My journey is still a balance between taking thoughts captive, reminding myself of how awesomely I’m made and taking ground in every facet of life, family, and purpose.

It was out of a deep desire to help people discover their amazing purpose that I developed YOUnique Life. An online school designed to equip people to look after themselves, mind, body and soul.

We, at YOUnique Life, have a heart and a passion to see people set free from the lies they have believed about themselves, and to see them equipped and empowered with the right information to live with vitality and health, as well as emotionally healed.

Why would we do this? People are designed to thrive, and to step into the beauty of who they have been made to be. It’s been my biggest joy to see people come alive and step into their purpose. After all, a lifestyle where food is enjoyable, uniqueness and value is celebrated and we are nourished with nutrients through and through gives us life and energy to be who we are and the confidence we need to step into what we are born to do.

Becoming equipped, empowered, and alive with vitality is YOUR portion as well.

Kerry Stewart